Lottery Fever

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Discovering that the family is low on funds, the Griffin family begin living on a stricter budget. Going on to notice a story on the local news about the lottery, however, Peter decides to buy a ticket in hopes that he will win and set the family on a better financial platform. Returning home, Peter unveils that he has bought several thousand lottery tickets, admitting that he has taken out a second mortgage on the house in order to buy them. Watching the results of the lottery that night, they discover that they have indeed won the lottery, and redeem their winnings. Unable to decide how they should spend all the money, Lois states that she does not want it to change their lifestyle. Defiant, Peter decides to begin living lavishly, and quits his job.After Peter agrees to invest in one of his friend, Quagmire's, projects involving penis enhancement, Peter demands that he, along with his other friend, Joe, hang out with him in order to pay him back, and perform random tasks (including Joe asking for Stevie Nicks to play three songs for his wife). Annoyed by Peter's demands when he shoots Joe in the eye, the two decide to leave Peter and end their friendship. Continuing to spend the money with no regard, Peter is approached by his wife, Lois, who warns him that he is changing for the worse, along with the other family members. Telling her that they no longer have to worry about expenses, Peter presents Lois with a blood diamond, winning her over. After going to a restaraunt the next day, however, Peter discovers that his credit card has been declined, and his money has disappeared. The family is distraught over losing their fortune, and Peter returns to the local bar later that day to repair his friendship with Joe and Quagmire. Admitting that the money caused him to forget who his real friends are, Quagmire and Joe accept his apology, and offer him money from the investment that he had given them. The family then goes back to living comfortably at their home in Quahog.


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