Seahorse Seashell Party

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As a hurricane approaches Quahog, Rhode Island, the Griffin family prepares for its arrival. In his own attempt to pass the time, Brian decides to use mushrooms, to the curiosity of Stewie. As the mushrooms start to take effect on Brian, he begins having hallucinations, and eventually cuts his own ear off. Stewie tries to help Brian by staying by his side and taking care of him, but Brian continues to hallucinate and believe that he is surrounded by evil. Brian then perceives an alternate dimension where he is continually attacked by monsters resembling the Griffins. Brian is eventually able snap out of the hallucination, however.The rest of the family tries to pass the time by playing charades, and various other games, but are unable to keep themselves entertained. They then begin fighting, and cause their daughter, Meg, to take her anger out on the family and confronting them with her feelings. Tired of her outburst, Lois tries to tell Meg that she is simply taking her own problems out on everyone else. Meg then brings up her mother's past, and tells her that she is far from the perfect parent, causing her to cry. Lois asks for her forgiveness, and admits that she has been a bad mother to her daughter. Meg then confronts her father, Peter, telling him that he is selfish. Unable to comprehend her insults, Peter thinks that his daughter's argument is amusing until she calls him a "waste of a man." Their son, Chris, then begins his own series of criticisms, and the family erupts in disagreement. Peter then runs away to his room, leaving Meg with Brian to discuss their family's disfunction. Meg then realizes that her place in the family is to endure the insults of others, and decides to apologize to her family. The family then have a group hug, and reconcile their difference.As the episode comes to a close, Stewie approaches the camera and tells the audience that the episode was a special message about drug use, and encourages the viewer to visit their local library to learn more because there may be a guy behind it that sells them.


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