Stewie Goes for a Drive

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After going to the doctor to receive a cholesterol examination, Peter, along with his wife, Lois, begin to return to their home. As they reach their car in the parking lot, actor Ryan Reynolds drives by them, and asks for directions. As he leaves, he indicates his enjoyment of Peter's presence. The next day, when Peter exits his home, he notices that Ryan has moved into the house formerly occupied by neighbor Cleveland Brown across the street. Peter then asks Ryan what he is doing in Quahog, who reveals that they have decided to film his movie there, instead of nearby Newport. Excited about the prospect of being neighbors, Ryan invites Peter to a house warming party at his house later that night. At the party, Ryan begins to tickle Peter, with Ryan requesting Peter to return the favor. He then invites him to go out to dinner with him later that week. At dinner, Peter accidentally drops his napkin, with both Ryan and himself going to retrieve it. Ryan then attempts to kiss Peter, who decides to run out of the restaurant immediately to get away from his advances. The next day, Peter approaches Lois and tells her that he believes that Ryan is gay. Lois rejects the idea, causing Peter to visit Ryan and ask if he is attracted to him. Ryan tells Peter that he is not gay, and is only attracted to his spirit. Angered, Ryan then tells Peter to leave his home, who then attempts to win back Ryan's friendship. As Peter leaves, Ryan hands him a cell phone so that the two can stay in touch.Meanwhile, Brian goes to pick up baby Stewie from day care. On the drive home, Stewie begins listening to the radio, and decides to stay in the car by himself to continue listening to his favorite song. As he begins to sing to the song, he becomes angered, and demands to appear on the television series Glee. He accidentally hits the stick shift, however, causing the car to move forward. Thinking he can now drive, Stewie decides to take the car for a spin later that day, after stealing Brian's keys. Thrilled by the experience, he begins listening to the radio, and learns of a contest featuring concert tickets for Justin Bieber. Deciding to try to enter, he uses his cell phone, but becomes embarrassed and tries to hand the phone to his teddy bear Rupert. As he does do, the car begins to spin out of control, and crashes into a lamp post. Stewie then returns the car home, with the entire front of the vehicle completely destroyed. Brian soon discovers the damage, and immediately blames Stewie, who tries to deny his accusation. Brian then shows him that Rupert is still in the back seat, revealing Stewie to have been the perpetrator. Brian then tells him that he is going to tell Peter and Lois, to the dismay of Stewie, who begins crying. Afraid of being punished, Stewie decides to run away from home, and leaves a computer disc for Brian to play and learn about his plans to fly away from Quahog. Stewie then attempts to take the bus to the airport, but is dropped off at the wrong neighborhood. Consuela, the Griffin family's former maid, then discovers him, and takes him home with her. Later, Brian is able to find Stewie, and tells him that he did not tell anyone about the incident. As the two attempt to leave Consuela's home, she insists on keeping him, to the chagrin of Stewie who steals a nearby gun, and shoots her in the foot. The two then leave, and return home.


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