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When Brian approaches Stewie about helping him find a tennis ball, he asks if he remembers the date that he lost it. Brian then tells him that he buried it on January 31, 1999, the day that the first episode of the series originally aired. The two soon come upon the Griffin family, but notice that the universe that they have returned to is stranger than they remembered it. They also notice that the family continually pauses for cutaways, and Meg's voice is different. Telling Brian that he cannot alter the past, Stewie decides to visit his old room, when old Stewie suddenly enters. The two Stewie's then meet, to which he alerts Brian to come out from his hiding place. Brian and Stewie then attempt to return to the present, but find that the transportation device is running out of batteries. Unable to buy batteries without any money, they notice that the past's Brian and Peter are flying a blimp above them, dumping money onto the ground. They then collect the money and purchase the batteries.Once purchasing the batteries, they are able to return to the present, but soon discover that they have altered the past dramatically. Brian then reveals that he told his former self about the September 11 attacks ahead of time, to the chagrin of Stewie. While watching the local news, it is also discovered that former President George W. Bush, who has apparently lost the 2004 election, has returned to Texas and seceded from the United States, along with the rest of the southern United States, resulting in a second Civil War. Dismayed, Stewie questions Brian for his actions. Brian insists that things will still be better five years in the future. Attempting to prove him wrong, Stewie and Brian then travel to the future, in which the family appears as a series of three-dimensional objects. They then look at the outside world, and come upon a world war. Admitting that he screwed up, Brian asks how the situation can be resolved. The two then return to prevent Brian from telling his former self about the attacks, and return to the present to learn that Brian has again told his former self about upcoming events. They then seek to repair this by again trying to prevent themselves from telling any future events, but it results in hundreds of Stewie's and Brian's to appear to prevent them from telling the future. One of the Stewie's then tells the rest to return to their universe, and not tell any more secrets. The original Brian and Stewie also transport themselves to before they first returned to the past, and prevent themselves from altering the past to begin with.


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