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As the Thanksgiving holiday begins, Lois invites her family, and the neighbors over for a dinner in celebration. Once the guests arrive, they then begin eating their meal, when suddenly another guest arrives at the door. It is revealed to be Kevin Swanson, the son of Griffin family neighbors Joe and Bonnie Swanson, whom they had presumed had died fighting in the war in Iraq. Overjoyed, they ask why the army had reported that he had died in action. Kevin then tells them a story that he was in a coma following a bomb that had been placed inside a turkey during Thanksgiving years before. Later, while having dessert, Kevin voices his distaste of the war, and reveals several inconsistencies about his time in Iraq. Kevin then tells his father that he had actually went A.W.O.L., and faked his own death in order to leave the war and return home. Joe, a police officer, then arrests his son for the crime of desertion, with the rest of the family criticizing him for lying about being a war hero.Brian, the family dog, asks Kevin to explain why he deserted the army, with Kevin telling him that he had grown tired of the war, and had befriended many of the Iraqis, leading him to want to try to escape. Kevin and the family then begin fighting over the United States's occupation of Iraq, with Brian protecting him, and several others, including Ida Quagmire, a war veteran, disagreeing with Kevin's choice to desert the army. Angered, Joe then begins to take his son to jail and handcuffs him. Kevin then suddenly reminds his father of a time when he let a homeless man get away with stealing a can of tomato soup to feed his hungry family, who he had felt sorry for. Emotional and sympathetic, Joe agrees to let his son off the hook, and the two make amends. As the family goes to finish eating dinner, and the episode comes to a close, another man resembling Kevin Swanson enters the family's home, saying that the other Kevin is an imposter. Peter then looks to the camera, and states that they do not have time to finish that story.


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