Amish Guy

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The Griffin family decide to travel to the amusement park Six Flags, but when Peter is unable to ride the rollercoasters because he is too overweight, he becomes disappointed. Peter's two friends, Joe and Quagmire, then convince him to go on a diet in order to be able to ride the coaster. He is unable to lose any weight however, and simply decides to wear a girdle instead. The family then travels to Ohio in order to ride a new rollercoaster titled The Holocaust. Able to ride the rollercoaster, Peter gets on the ride, but it is unable to make it up the first hill, and falls under Peter's weight. Deciding to return home, the car suddenly breaks down in Amish country, with no mechanic or modern civilization in sight. The family approaches the group of Amish workers and asks if they can stay in their village for the weekend. When Meg begins complaining about the lack of electricity, and other common devices, a local Amish boy, named Eli, decides to take her on a tour of their village. The two then begin to exchange kisses, but the boy's father interrupts them, and instructs the two to never see each other again.Meg approaches her father, Peter, about talking to the Eli's father to let his son date her, but when Peter tries to introduce him to music, he unintentionally turns the Amish community against him. They then demand that the Griffin family leave, but they explain that they cannot leave until their car is fixed. The Amish then reveal that they have attached two horses to pull the car back to their home. Eli also decides to follow Meg, and the group then returns to Quahog. Later that day, the Amish follow the family to Quahog, and vandalize the Griffin's home, resulting in Peter declaring war against the group. A battle ensues, with both sides equally matched. Peter and Eli's father then begin to fist fight in order to settle the matter on their own, but when Eli stops his father, he tells him that he is truly in love with Meg. Eli decides to stay in Amish country, however, telling her that it is his true home, and the two embrace in one final hug.


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