Grumpy Old Man

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A snowstorm has invaded Quahog, Rhode Island, with baby Stewie set to visit his grandparents, Carter and Barbara Pewterschmidt at their mansion. While on the drive there, Carter falls asleep at the wheel and crashes his car into a tree. The three then go to the hospital, where Griffin family neighbor Joe Swanson, a police officer, alerts Carter that he must revoke his drivers license. His wife, Barbara, then suggests that the two retire. Carter is relucant at first, but eventually agrees to do so. Later that day, Carter decides to visit his son-in-law, Peter, along with his friends Joe and Quagmire at the local bar, to their chagrin. Carter also decides to live with the Griffin family, and attempts to find someone to hang out with. Peter voices his distaste of the situation, and suggests that they put Carter and Barbara in a retirement home in Florida.The family then drives to Florida, and checks out a retirement community. Impressed at first, Carter then refuses to live in the community, fearing that he is getting too old. Peter decides to talk to Carter on his own, in an attempt to convince him to live in the home, and promises to show him how great it is to be retired. The two then perform various tasks, including playing bingo, with Carter then eventually agreeing to live there. The next day, Barabara calls the Griffin family, alerting him that something is wrong with Carter. When they arrive, they discover that he has become grumpy, and even more tired and elderly. Attempting to fix him, Peter, Lois and Barbara take him to his old business in Quahog. Peter then angers Carter, by making a series of demands about the business, causing him to return to his old self.


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