Meg and Quagmire

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Meg turns eighteen and the family takes her to a Teen Choice Awards show. When they come back, the rest of the family decides to prepare a surprise party for Meg, but turns out the people went to Mort Goldman's house to party instead.Meanwhile, Quagmire takes his chance for Meg, comes to the party and starts a conversation, leading to a dinner date. When Peter notices Quagmire is taking it too far, he slows it down by disturbing their dates and conversations. Meg tells that she is officially eighteen and has to rights to choose her own decisions, which Lois also agrees with, then Peter let them do whatever they want to do. Quagmire then takes a step ahead and asks Meg to go to his cabin with him, and Peter is fine with it, but Lois is not, telling him that the "cabin" is actually a "sex cabin". Peter and Lois then tries to stop them from driving to the cabin, but fails when they already drove away. When Quagmire takes his last step ahead with Meg, they get stopped by Peter and Lois. Meg disagrees but has to get back home, while Quagmire is forced to leave Meg alone, and if not will get his penis cut off and fed to Brian and let the Griffins use the cabin for a month.


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