Livin' on a Prayer

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The Griffin family goes to the Quahog Public Library for the Children's Sing-a-long activity held by Bruce. Stewie meets a friend named Scotty Jennings. When Lois put them on a play date, Scotty falls ill and passes out, so Lois and Peter get to the Hospital. They realize that Scotty has cancer and needs treatment. When Scotty's parents - Ben and Hope Jennings (voiced by Judy Greer) - come, they say that they do not use modern hospital treatment due to their religious beliefs, stating that they use "faith" as a medicine. Lois finds it ridiculous, so she tries to talk to them and see if she could get them to use the Hospital. When she realizes it won't work, she decides to kidnap Scott. Lois and Peter sneak up to Scott's house and get Scott out of the house successfully. They are too late when a huge crowd (with Scott's parents) and the police with Joe block them at the hospital. Lois explains to his parents that, even if they use faith of God as a medicine, people still have created modern medicine, which is also the possibility of what God may have made too. Eventually, Scott's parents agree and allow their son to go to the hospital to receive his treatments.


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