Killer Queen

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When Peter and Chris hear about a hot dog eating contest, Peter talks Chris into entering after Peter sells some of his belongings. At the contest, Chris beats the champion Charles Yamamoto, but suffers from pain after from eating so much. A concerned Lois signs up Chris for fat camp. At Camp Fresh Start, Chris doesn't want to stay and brings up the fact that Peter weighs more than he does and Lois thinks it's a good idea for Peter to join him. Out in the woods, they discover a body of a camper. Joe's investigation reveals the fat kid was strangled which Peter believes Lois' brother Patrick to be the killer. When Peter calls her, Lois insists Patrick is still in the mental hospital only to find him at their home. After Joe and Peter rush home to arrest Patrick, he reveals he was released from the hospital just that morning. Back at the camp, another camper turns up dead, meaning Patrick couldn't be the killer. Patrick gives insight into the crime and they bring him along to help. At the crime scene, Patrick reveals that the killer is after Chris. When Chris gets separated, he finds the killer is Charles Yamamoto, the hot dog champion he beat. Meanwhile, Stewie is traumatized by the frightening cover of a Queen News of the World album from Peter's collection that he goes through to sell. Brian decides to buy it to torment Stewie and plants the cover everywhere. But when Stewie shoots Rupert to save him from a fate worse than death and Stewie puts the gun in his mouth, Brian comes clean and gets Stewie to see it is just a record album. At the camp, Yamamoto starts to strangle Chris but Stewie arrives with the News of the World album and gives Yammamoto a heart attack. As they wrap things up, they discover Patrick has taken off and Joe has Peter hit him to make it look like they struggled in a fight.


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