Road to the Multiverse

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Stewie breeds a winning pedigree pig for Quahog Clam Day, and reveals to Brian that he got the pig from a parallel universe. He shows Brian the remote that allows him access to different parallel universes, each depicting Quahog in the same time and place, but under different conditions. They travel to different worlds as a demonstration, but the timer goes haywire and prevents them from returning home. Brian is set to return until they reach a universe where humans are subservient to dogs, and changes his mind. An argument between the two results in them destroying the remote, trapping them in this universe, so they head on to the universe's Griffin family (as dogs) and Brian (as a human) to find a solution. They discover that Dog Stewie has also invented the same remote in a parallel story, and they use that to return home. Human Brian, tired of living a harsh life under dogs, goes with them, but gets hit by a car before he can achieve any of his goals.


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