Family Goy

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Quagmire is introduced to internet pornography, something that he never believed even exists since he still uses dial-up. After Peter falls in love with a cardboard cutout of Kathy Ireland, Lois tells Peter that it was the dumbest thing he's done since he got into a turf war with a cat. Peter continues to "date" the cutout as though it were a real person, until he accidentally "kills" it after Chris had taken it into his room (concluding that it was having an affair with Chris). While having sex to make up for what he did, Peter finds a lump on Lois' breast and takes to the doctor to test for cancer.The tests come back negative, but the doctor looks at her family medical history and reveals that Lois is Jewish, learning her mother hid her ethnic background to keep up her image. Though Lois tries not to be as open about being Jewish, Peter takes to the family’s newfound faith eagerly until he changes his tune when he is visited by the ghost of his stepfather.He then starts trying to convert the family back to Catholicism, but Lois won't let him after she decides to embrace her Jewish heritage.Eventually, when Peter tries to ruin the Passover Seder Lois has, Jesus shows up and tells Peter that Catholicism and Judaism are very similar. Peter and Lois apologize to each other, and Jesus tells Peter that it doesn't really matter which religion they are, since "they're all complete crap". This is met with agreement from Brian, an atheist.


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