Dial Meg for Murder

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Peter Griffin trains for the local rodeo in a montage set to "The Ballad of Billy the Kid" by Billy Joel. He is thrown from a bull, who then stands on his hind legs and addresses Peter.The bull then proceeds to drag Peter toward him while removing his pants as Peter tries to fight him off unsuccessfully. The rape isn't shown onscreen, just the rodeo audience's horrified expressions as they watch. Then Peter and the bull are shown again, with Peter wearing only his underwear, traumatized, trembling and huddled on the ground in a fetal position with the bull making Peter promise to come visit him to continue their "relationship" and telling him to wear something nice so they can get into the better restaurants.Meanwhile Brian Griffin gets a job writing an article about the average American teenage girl. While following her for research,with Stewie, Brian finds out that Meg Griffin is seeing a convict named Luke (voiced by Chace Crawford). When Brian finds out and tells Lois and Peter, they tell her to no longer see him. Later on, while she is crying in her room, Luke comes to her window, as he escaped during a prison riot, and hides in Megs room. When Brian comes in to apologize, he finds out that Meg is hiding Luke in her room. Brian thinks about not telling Peter and Lois, but Peter finds out as he walked into Megs room and discovers Luke. As Luke escapes from the Griffins house, Peter calls Joe and tells him about Luke. As the two chase downhill, Luke is caught and sent back to prison. Meg runs out and says that she should go to jail as well, and Joe says he is going to, as she was holding a convict. Meg goes to jail for the next three months. When she comes back she is toughened up and looks and acts like a prison thug.Meg begins acting like her house is a prison, raping peter in the shower, keeping a bathroom in her room, and using Lois's shirts for toliet paper. When meg is suspended for beating up the popular kids, who usually ridicule her, with a pillow case full of unpopped soda cans, the family begins to become concerned.


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