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Walking in drunk, Brian notices that Stewie has resumed watching Jolly Farm Revue, after swearing off the show in "Road to Europe". Remembering a story he had seen in the local newspaper, Brian tells him about upcoming auditions for an American version of the show. Jumping at the opportunity, the two show up to the auditions, but quickly learn that they are only casting female actresses for the final role. Determined to win a spot on the show, Stewie decides to cross-dress as a woman, naming his new identity "Karina Smirnoff." Beginning his audition, he starts by telling a fabricated story about a supposed terror attack in Times Square. Convincing the producers that he is telling a true tale, Stewie breaks character, and tells them that he was only acting, letting him win the role. The next morning, on the first day of filming, Stewie as Karina introduces himself to the rest of the cast, and quickly falls in love with a female co-star, Julie. Another co-star, Randall, however, objects to the new role that Karina was cast to play, and takes Julie away from him. As they continue shooting over the next few days, the two continue a friendly relationship together, eventually deciding to hold a sleepover, where the two become even closer after deciding to snuggle in the same bed. The next day, Julie professes her love for Karina, wishing that she was actually a boy, causing Stewie, still dressed as Karina, to come on to her. Admitting that she is not a lesbian, Stewie later decides to unveil his true identity to the entire cast during a live taping of the show. Shocked that Karina was actually a boy, Julie's mother refuses to let her speak to him, with Stewie left to regret his decision to come out as a cross-dresser.Meanwhile, Peter begins to insult Lois about her advancing age, including her minor strands of gray hair. Eventually causing her to become extremely self-conscious, Lois becomes more aware of her lust for a much younger man. After introducing her new boyfriend, Anthony, to the family, Meg goes on to make out with him on the family couch, with Lois watching over nearby. Jealous of her daughter's newfound love, she begins hitting on Anthony, in an attempt to have sex with him. Later that day, Lois sends Meg on an errand to pick up her grandfather, leaving Anthony all alone. The two then begin making out on the couch, before Meg returns to the house only a few moments later, and discovers the two. Angry at her mother for trying to steal her only chance at having a normal boyfriend, Meg threatens Lois to lay off of him, pulling out one of her own teeth in frustration. Lois quickly agrees, but is still angry with Peter for continually insulting her. Unsure as to why he continues to do so, Peter admits that he was actually embarrased about his own advancing age, as well as his lack of fitness, and was only insulting Lois in order to distract her from the fact that she could be with a much better looking guy. Peter goes on to apologize for his behavior, with Lois falling back in love with him.


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