Brian Griffin's House of Payne

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The episode opens with an extensive computer-animated sequence depicting Stewie and his teddy-bear Rupert engaging in a futuristic dogfight set in deep space. The battle comes to an abrupt end as it is revealed to be a fantasy in Stewie's imagination. Annoyed by Stewie's antics, Peter throws Stewie's bear, Rupert, down into the basement, where Stewie discovers an old script that Brian had written, but since completely forgotten about. Later that day during lunch, Stewie throws the script onto the kitchen table, prompting Lois to question what it is about. Explaining that she may like the script, Brian suggests she read it, and tell him what she thinks of the pilot. Reluctant at first to read the script, she eventually falls in love with it (after spending 18 hours researching to make sure he did not plagiarize anything, like with his novel Faster than the Speed of Love), and suggests he meet with network executives about producing the show. When Brian pitches it to CBS, the executives respond positively, and the initial casting session goes extremely well, with Elijah Wood auditioning for the lead role. The producers also bring in James Woods, however, who performs the role in a much more comedic fashion, winning over the rest of the executives. The CBS executives then quickly turn Brian's serious drama into a sitcom, bringing in a live studio audience, as well as a chimpanzee. When Brian objects to the changes, the producers reassure him by reminding him of what he had tried to achieve for many years: his own television show. Later that night, the Griffin family, Quagmire, Joe, and Bonnie gather around the television, anticipating Brian's drama, unaware of the changes in his show. The sitcom then appears, much to the entire family's chagrin. Disappointed that Brian allowed the executives to change his show so dramatically, Lois demands for him to stand up for himself, and object to everything James Woods had changed about the show. The next day, the producers reveal that the show's rating are terrible. Brian tries to make them go back to the original plot, but James Woods tries to make suggestions to make the show look even worse. Eventually, Brian has had enough and flat out quits the show.Meanwhile, Chris decides to sneak into Meg's bedroom and secretly read her diary. Discovering him, Meg chases after Chris, while Stewie playfully walks by the staircase. Accidentally bumped by Chris and Meg, Stewie tumbles down the stairs and becomes unconscious, suffering from a major head wound that exposes a large part of his brain. The two then hurriedly use a cowboy hat to hide the wound, and tie his feet to theirs when it comes time for dinner. Continuing the charade, believing no one suspects anything, they are approached by Peter who asks how long Stewie has been unconscious. While Chris and Meg are shocked that he found out, Peter reveals that he has knocked both of them out plenty of times, and is willing to continue hiding Stewie's unconsciousness from Lois until he can frame her for causing the injury. The next day, after noticing Lois pulling out of the driveway, Peter quickly throws Stewie behind her rear tire, making it appear as if Lois had run over him with the car. Lois then suggests they dress him up and frame it on someone else, but Peter only professes his love for her, suggesting they should take Stewie to the hospital instead.As the credits roll, Brian reveals his disappointment about no longer having his own television show, but Lois convinces him that it is his integrity that matters. Peter then interjects, with his own television show then appearing on the screen, entitled 'Bigger Jaws'. Afterwards, Stewie walks in on the family, with his head wrapped in bandages, angrily delirious as to what had happened to him


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