April in Quahog

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Announcing a discovery by Stephen Hawking of a new black hole, at the edge of the solar system, on the local news, the Griffin family pay no attention to the announcement, with Peter walking in soon after, alerting the family of his impending jury duty. At first excited about the prospects of the trial, he learns from Brian that everyone does jury duty at some point. Upon learning this, Peter aims to be kicked out of the jury, showing up to court, and quickly becoming a pain to the rest of the jury in the courtroom. Returning home later that night, the local news announces that the Earth will be subsequently destroyed by the newly discovered and continually expanding blackhole within the next 24 hours. Frantic over the news, everyone in Quahog attempts to live out their last day as best as possible, with Herbert finally attempting to have sex with Chris, Quagmire having intercourse with Bonnie, and Peter stealing a lion from the zoo, having failed to do so previously. Hugging in front of the television as the countdown reaches its final seconds, Peter confesses to Lois his secret hatred for being in his children's presence, with the countdown being revealed as an April Fools' joke immediately after. Questioning their father's newly revealed hatred, Meg, Chris and Stewie try to avoid speaking to their father, with Peter left to try to win back his children's respect.Attempting to spend time with his children, Peter tries to find out each one of their interests, but fails to do so, and only makes things worse by using the methamphetamine he had attempted to share with Chris. Succumbing to his children's constant loathing, Peter finally decides to buy them an Xbox 360 to win them over, with the children again loving their father.


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