Brian & Stewie

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Brian takes Stewie along while he visits the local Quahog bank to deposit holiday money in his safety deposit box. While they are inside the vault, the door closes at the end of the work day and locks them inside until the following morning. Frightened, Stewie soils his diaper. Worried he will get a rash from the dirty diaper, Stewie desperately tries to make Brian eat his feces by threatening him with a gun that Brian had stored in his deposit box. They discover that Stewie has a cellphone in his pocket, but Stewie uses the last of the phone's battery to call a clothing store rather than for help. Enraged, Brian strikes Stewie, making Stewie cry. Instantly remorseful, Brian reluctantly agrees to eat Stewie's feces in order to provide him with a clean diaper. While watching Brian eating, Stewie becomes nauseated and throws up. Stewie convinces Brian to clean his rear end and eat the vomit as well. Afterwards, they both decide to take a nap, but soon realize that the next day is Sunday, meaning that they will have to wait another day before they can be released from the vault.Awaking from his nap, Brian decides to drink a bottle of Scotch that he had stored in his safety deposit box. He offers Stewie a sip, and they both become so drunk that Brian gives in to Stewie's request to pierce his ear with a pin. Going on to ask if The Dog Whisperer is real, Stewie causes Brian to become inspired about Cesar Millan, and admits that humans could learn a lot from dogs. When Brian proclaims that dogs live with purpose, Stewie implies that Brian himself does not. Angered, Brian begins insulting Stewie, with Stewie retaliating by revealing that he could have gone all day without being changed and only thinks of Brian as a passing amusement. Daring Brian to shoot him with the revolver in the deposit box, Stewie points out a security camera in the corner of the vault, with Brian left to regret the acts that he had performed earlier that day. Offering to shoot Brian in the head to prevent further embarrassment, Stewie accidentally fires the gun, causing the bullet to randomly ricochet off of the metal walls within the vault until later that morning.When Stewie takes out a Jenny Craig Anytime Bar from his grocery bag, Brian becomes angered once more at Stewie for not revealing that he had been storing food the entire time. After Brian calms down, Stewie asks him why he had the gun in the first place, eventually coaxing Brian into revealing that it was actually there in case he had ever wanted to commit suicide. Brian confesses that he cannot find his purpose in life, and knowing he has the option of killing himself comforts him. Stunned, Stewie admits that Brian is the only member of the family whose company he actually enjoys, and the two eventually confess that they love each other. Stewie falls asleep as Brian reads David Copperfield by Charles Dickens to him. The following morning, the vault door opens and Brian quietly carries Stewie out of the room over his shoulder.


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