Partial Terms of Endearment

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Attending her college reunion, Lois spots an old friend that she dated and experimented with, and points them out to Peter. Expecting a man to appear, Peter is shocked to discover that she had actually dated a woman, named Naomi, causing him to become extremely excited. Announcing that she'd like to propose something to Lois and Peter, Naomi indicates that she'd like to discuss something of importance with them at their home. Assuming he will participate in a three-way with his wife and Naomi, Peter throws Chris, Meg, Stewie and Brian out of the house. After Naomi arrives at the Griffin family home, she introduces her husband, Dale, with Peter still expecting to have sex with the group, and going on to try to seduce the three, dressed in various costumes. As the four decide to have a discussion in the family room, Peter is dissappointed that they will not be particpating in an orgy, causing Naomi to reveal she and her husband's difficulties in conceiving a child. Naomi then goes on to ask Lois if she will consider being the couple's surrogate, leading Lois to think over the matter.The next morning, as the family is eating breakfast, Lois reveals her intention to become a surrogate mother for Naomi and Dale, causing Peter to become upset at the thought of her being pregnant for nine months. Despite this, Lois decides to go to Dr. Hartman to have the in vitro fertilisation performed, with a pregnancy test coming back positive the next day. Furious, Peter attempts to cause Lois to have a miscarriage, before ultimately confronting her about the pregnancy. Continuing to assert her intention to provide a child to Naomi and Dale, Channel 5 News suddenly reveals a car crash, with Dale and Naomi pronounced dead at the scene. Devastated at the announcement, Lois is quickly bombarded by whether or not to abort the baby, or put it up for adoption. In an attempt to make a decision, Lois and Peter decide to visit the local Family Planning Center, and ultimately decide to have an abortion performed on the embryo. As Peter exits the center, however, he comes across an anti-abortion rally, and is shown a shocking video by one of the protesters, ultimately causing him to change his mind about aborting the unborn baby. Returning home, Lois continues to advocate her right to choose, while Peter further attempts to label abortion as murder. At their wit's end, the two decide to discuss the matter, once and for all, with Peter, at the last moment of the episode revealing that the abortion had occured.


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