And Then There Were Fewer

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After checking the mail, Peter receives an invitation to a dinner party in his honor, hosted by an unknown guest. Deciding to travel to the location by car, the Griffin family soon arrive at a stately mansion, surrounded by an ocean of rocky waters. After arriving, several other guests arrive, announcing that the dinner is supposedly in their honor as well. Pondering why they were all invited to the mansion, the group decides to enter the estate, and are lead by the mansion's maid, Consuela, to the dining room. As they begin conversing with each other, their host is revealed to be actor James Woods, along with his wife, Priscilla. Announcing it is a night to celebrate, Woods begins by stating that he has become a born again Christian, and has invited them to the party to make amends for all of his wrongdoing. After Woods leaves the room, Quagmire's new girlfriend, Stephanie, is suddenly shot. Immediately suspecting it was Woods who shot her, the group immediately leaves the residence, but are suddenly stopped when a tree collapses their only exit across a bridge. Left with no way out, the group returns to the mansion, and attempt to call for help. Soon realizing that there is no reception, and the only landline phone has been cut dead, Woods suddenly emerges amidst accusations from the group of murder. Deciding to take him to the scene of the crime, the body is mysteriously absent. Afterwards, the lights are briefly shorted, following a lightning strike, and it is revealed that Woods has been stabbed during the power outage.


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