Halloween on Spooner Street

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Revealing to his family that Quagmire will be the target of his Halloween pranks, Peter, along with his neighbor, Joe, begin torturing Quagmire with various gags, including infecting him with an unknown disease from Senegal. Returning home, Peter praises Quagmire for being a good sport, and the two decide to go drinking. Deciding to approach Joe, they convince him to allow them to follow him in his police car. Agreeing to do so only if they stay in his car, Peter and Quagmire soon become a nuisance, before ultimately driving to an old airfield where they discover a fighter jet. Going on to take Peter and Joe on a ride, Quagmire flies the two into the sky, and eventually takes them on a high speed dive into the ocean, in order to pay them back for all his pranks, and stopping only inches from crashing. Meanwhile, Stewie discovers trick-or-treaters, and soon wants to partake in the activity. Deciding to dress as a baby duck, he is subsequently bullied by older children, who steal his candy. Searching for Brian, Stewie blames him for causing him to lose his candy, and convinces him to steal back the candy from the bullies. Approaching the children, Brian is immediately painted pink. Seeking revenge, Stewie suggests to Brian that they kill the bullies, but only begins crying for his mother when his plan fails. Lois then confronts the bully's mother, and becomes her bully instead. The same night, Meg decides to go trick-or-treating with her friends, and goes to attend a party held at Connie D'Amico's house. Excited no one can see through her costume, Meg eventually wins at spin the bottle, and unexpectedly begins making out with her brother, Chris, while in a dark closet. Returning home, Meg and Chris both make light of the situation by convincing each other that they successfully hooked up with a hot date.


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