Baby, You Knock Me Out

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Announcing his excitement for his upcoming birthday, Peter eagerly awaits to receive his gifts. After receiving a birthday card from Cleveland, the group decides to go to the local boxing club, where Peter's wife, Lois, is volunteered to participate in a fight. Easilly beating her competition, the club owner suggests she become a professional boxer. Unable to understand how she won the fight, Lois becomes reluctant to fight anyone else. After some coaxing by Peter, who takes her blindfolded to the boxing club, Lois becomes angered at him for tricking her, and eventually causes her to win the fight. Returning home, Lois begins taking boxing seriously, and starts working out. Continued to be angered by Peter, Lois aspires to be a championship boxer, and eventually becomes the top-ranked boxer in Quahog. During a fight, however, Lois accidentally breaks her nose, causing her to become reluctant to fight any longer. Going on to reveal that the only reason she fought was because of her hatred of her husband's obsession with boxing, Lois and Peter agree to end her career, and go into retirement.In a ceremony honoring Lois, held by Mayor Adam West, she is called out by an audience member, named Deidra Jackson, a championship fighter, who challenges her to a match. After insulting Lois's husband, Jackson eventually convinces Lois to compete and come out of retirement. In a pre-fight interview, Jackson announces her intention to kill her opponent, which only causes Lois to become even more angered. As the match begins, Lois becomes an easy target for Jackson in the first round. Feeling she stands no chance, Lois is convinced to continue fighting, making it to the sixth round. Badly beaten, Lois continues to be abused by Jackon, who suddenly uppercuts her, causing her to become nearly unconscious. Quickly recovering, Lois then begins unleashing her pent-up wrath, and eventually causes her opponent to become knocked unconscious herself. The next day, Lois begins her recovery as a champion, surrounded by her family.


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