Brian Writes a Bestseller

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Receiving hundreds of packages in the mail containing his failed novel Faster Than the Speed of Love, Brian becomes despondent, and refuses to write any longer. Reading the newspaper later that day, Brian discovers a self-help novel has made it to the best seller list, and after some coaxing by Stewie, he decides to write his own. Naming it Wish It Want It Do It Brian publishes the book, and it immediately becomes much more successful than his previous novel. Deciding to hire Stewie as his publicist, Brian begins a press tour on the local news, and sign books, while attempting to get a date. Going to dinner later that night with Stewie, Brian begins reflecting on his newfound fame, and becomes angered at Stewie when he messes up his dinner reservations. Leaving Stewie to return to the hotel on his own, he seeks to repair his relationship with Brian and books him on the talk show Real Time with Bill Maher.On the show, Stewie alerts Brian of the show's topic, and its guests, who end up being changed two hours before the show begins. Becoming angered at him once again, Brian fires Stewie, and continues on to the show's panel, and becomes a laughingstock of the audience when he becomes too egotistical. Bill Maher, along with Arianna Huffington and Dana Gould, go on to criticize Brian's book, who attempts to fight them, before revealing that he wrote the book in a day, and believes the book is 'crap.' Maher then admits that he has lost all respect for him, with Brian then unintentionally peeing himself, and being chased of the show. Returning home, Brian offers a backhanded apology to Stewie, who ultimately accepts it.


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