New Kidney in Town

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While at the Drunken Clam, Peter, Quagmire and Joe begin drinking beer, and discussing various subjects. Peter is then introduced to the energy drink Red Bull which causes him to become addicted to the drink. Returning home, he begins acting extremely hyperactive, and soon becomes a nuisance to the family, including his wife, Lois, who gets rid of the drinks. Reluctant to give up the Red Bull, he decides to make his own beverage out of kerosene, which causes him to collapse. Being immediately taken to the hospital to assess his condition, it is discovered that Peter is in need of a new kidney, after suffering kidney failure. Three weeks later, after undergoing constant dialysis procedures, Peter eventually decides to skip an appointment,to watch an episode to watch an episode of 'Charles in Charge', causing him to become jaundiced and cough up blood. Returning to the hospital, Lois volunteers to give up her kidney, but is instructed that she is not a match. Brian also volunteers, and it is discovered that he has the same kidney type as Peter, but would require the donation of both kidneys in order for the procedure to be a success. Deciding it is for the best, Brian decides to give his kidneys, in order to save Peter's life. Reluctant to let Brian leave him, Stewie decides to kidnap Brian, and take him to the local playground, in hopes of staying there the rest of their lives. Convincing him to let him go, Brian and Peter prepare to undergo the kidney transfer, until Dr. Hartman reveals that he is also a match, and has decided to donate one of his own kidneys.Meanwhile, United States President Barack Obama has decided to visit Quahog, and Chris's entire English class is assigned to write an essay about hope. Asking his sister, Meg for her opinion, she begins listing her personal opinion on the subject, causing Chris to enlist her talents by plagiarizing her speech. Angry that he has decided to take her words and call them his own, Meg eventually is given credit for co-writing the speech, and she and Chris go on to introduce Obama to the school. Barack Obama then enters the school's auditorium, and begins singing and playing the guitar as students swoon over his performance.


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