Friends of Peter G.

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Brian and Peter decide to attend a movie together, Peter sneaks in liquor, and the two become extremely intoxicated, disrupting the entire audience. Peter's neighbor, Joe, is then called upon, who takes them both to court. The judge then sentences them to 30 days in Alcoholics Anonymous, much to their chagrin. Attending their first meeting, Peter is told that alcohol is a bad part of his life, with Brian becoming reluctant to give up drinking. Realizing that the people in Alcoholics Anonymous have nowhere to drink without being judged, Brian and Peter decide to bring several cases of beer to their next meeting, Joe is once again called upon, under a noise complaint, causing everyone to transform the center into a church and spring into a musical number, in order to trick Joe into leaving. Afterwards, Peter decides to drive home drunk, and passes out at the wheel, crashing into a tree. Death then arrives, and Peter's soul exits his body. Deciding to teach Peter a lesson, Death takes Peter into the future, where he sees a rosy picture of his continual association with alcohol. Death also shows Peter what his life would be like without alcohol, where Peter is also disdained about the future. Telling Peter he must only drink in moderation, Death convinces Peter to try to live his life without depending on alcohol.


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