German Guy

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On the search to find Chris a new hobby, he along with his father, begin collecting stamps and drinking, but Chris is amazed by neither. He soon discovers a puppet shop, however, with the shop's owner, Franz, quickly befriending him. The two bond over the puppets, creating their own puppets and stories, but Herbert discovers their relationship and tries to break it up. Herbert confronts Peter, telling him that Franz is a Nazi, whom he had met during World War II in a concentration camp. Peter and Lois are reluctant to believe Herbert, and decide to invite Franz to dinner. The next day, Chris visits Franz, and questions whether or not he is a Nazi. Franz immediately rejects the notion, and Peter enters the home to invite Franz to dinner. Needing to use the restroom, Chris soon discovers a room filled with Nazi propaganda.Soon after, Franz finds that Chris has found his secret, and decides to take Peter and Chris to the basement to murder them. Successfully able to wrestle the gun from Franz, Chris is faced with whether to shoot his father, or Franz. Confused, he shoots Peter for not knowing his birthday, with Franz grabbing the gun once again, taking the two hostage. The next morning, Lois visits Franz, telling him that Chris and Peter did not return home. Franz tells Lois that he has not seen the two, but they discover a small window in the basement that they have become trapped in. Noticing Herbert walking by, Chris attempts to get his attention, and Herbert attempts to save them. After dressing in his military uniform, Herbert enters Franz's home, and begins slowly fighting him, until Franz falls off his front porch, killing himself. After rescuing Chris and Peter, Chris thanks Herbert, and the two become friends.The whole episode is reminiscent of Stephen King's novella APT PUPIL and the Bryan Singer film based on the same novella.


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