The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair

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While in her home, Lois is approached by Bonnie, who asks her to look after her husband, Joe, and daughter, Susie, while she is out of town. Agreeing to do so, Lois asks her daughter, Meg to look after them for her. The next day, Meg visits Joe and Susie, and tells them that she will be helping them out while Bonnie is gone. As Joe and Meg bond on the way to school, the two become close, causing Meg to believe that Joe is her boyfriend. The following morning, Meg decides to make breakfast for Joe, wanting him to like her. Joe takes no interest in Meg, who continually tries to approach Joe throughout the rest of the day. That night, after receiving a call from Bonnie that she will be returning home, Meg travels to the airport where Bonnie is departing, in an attempt to plant a weapon in her luggage. Bonnie is then arrested by airport security, giving Meg extra time to be with Joe. Unaware that Meg has sabotaged Bonnie's travel plans, the two go to dinner, where Meg suggests that they have a baby. Telling Lois and Peter of Meg's crush, Joe expresses his concerns about Meg's behavior. Questioning Meg about her infatuation with Joe, Lois tells her that the two have nothing in common. Agreeing with her mother, Meg awaits Joe to return home, when she jumps in front of his police car, attempting to cripple herself in order to have a common interest. After taking Meg to the hospital, Joe tells her he is lucky to have her as a neighbor, and the two decide to become friends.Meanwhile, Brian tells Stewie that he has become soft, and is no longer evil. In an attempt refute this, Stewie creates a machine that inadvertently clones an evil twin. Later that day, the evil clone suddenly attacks Brian and disappears, with Stewie questioning what happened to him. The clone then approaches Stewie, causing him to believe he is a genius. Wanting to run tests, the evil clone immediately attacks both Stewie and Brian, and takes off into Quahog, stealing a car. Attempting to capture the clone, Stewie ties Brian to a lightpost, leaving him there as bait. As the clone prepares to kill Brian, Stewie jumps from behind and the two begin fighting. Able to escape from the lightpost, Brian grabs the clone's laser gun, and fires at the Stewie that does not laugh at his feet, a weakness of regular Stewie. Stewie thanks Brian for shooting the correct clone, and the two begin to walk home. Stewie then suddenly turns to the camera, however, with his eyes becoming a bright yellow, while an evil laugh is played in the background.


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