Trading Places

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A drunk Tom Tucker is shown on the television, announcing a contest to win a dirtbike. Peter decides to enter the contest, in which the person who keeps their hand on the bike the longest wins. As time goes on, competitors continually begin to give up. Nine hours later, the last two contestants are shown to be Peter and Mayor Adam West, the latter of whom is tricked into taking his hand off the bike when Peter sends him a text message. The next day, Peter's children, Chris and Meg decide to get on the bike and take it for a ride through Quahog. Daring Meg he can jump over a fire hyrant, Chris suddenly crashes the bike, completely destroying it. Once their parents, Peter and Lois, discover that they crashed the bike, they decide to teach the two a lesson by switching roles in the family. Meg and Chris then become the parents, dressing more conservatively, with Meg doing housework and Chris going to the brewery where their father works, and Lois and Peter begin attending school.Once Chris begins working, his boss, Angela, is surprised to see his work ethic and offers him a raise. That night, after returning home, Chris and Meg alert their parents that switching roles is easier than they thought, with Lois and Peter admitting that they are suffering and being bullied in school. Wanting to call off the role switching, Peter and Lois attempt to get their children to go back to school, but Chris and Meg refuse. Chris then tells his father that he has been hired at the brewery as Peter's replacement. Chris then alerts his parents that he is now the breadwinner, and can make his own rules. In the meantime, Peter attempts to find a new job, as Chris begins working overtime at the brewery. Becoming exhausted by work, Chris begins drinking, and taking his anger out on the family, and eventually suffers a heart attack. Realizing being an adult is just as hard as being a kid, Chris and Meg agree to go back to the way things used to be, and the family goes back to normal.


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