Tiegs for Two

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Lois requests her husband, Peter, to go pick up the dry cleaning. Peter tells her that he had gotten his favorite white shirt washed by the cleaners, but when he goes to pick up the shirt, he finds out that the owner, Mr. Washee-Washee, has lost it. This causes Peter to refuse to give him business any longer, but Lois steadfastly declines to find a new dry cleaner, and invites him to dinner. Peter fights with Mr. Washee-Washee during the meal about his shirt, however, causing Washee-Washee to leave in anger. Later that night, Peter and Chris go over to the cleaner's house. Peter then sneaks inside, and finds a similar shirt, thinking the cleaner had stole it. When he tries it on, however, Peter discovers that is not his shirt, and begins fighting with Mr. Washee-Washee (parody of Street Fighter II), ultimately losing and ending up in jail. Brian goes to pick up Peter, and bail him out of jail, but meets a woman that he takes kind to, named Denise. The next morning, Brian tells Lois about Denise, and tries to impress her by inviting Denise on a date. Denise rejects Brian, however, causing him to become emotional and depressed. After Peter learns of Brian's depression, he suggests that he take his neighbor, Quagmire's, class on dating women. Stunned that Quagmire teaches a class, Brian decides to try out the program that night, and goes along with the class to the local bar to pick up chicks. Returning home, dressed as a gangster, Brian tries out his new moves on Denise. Denise is turned off by Brian's new behavior, however, and leaves him. Angered by Quagmire, Brian blames him for ruining his life, who tells him that the course is about getting laid, not developing a relationship. Quagmire then admits his infatuation with model Cheryl Tiegs, whom he'd had relations with during the 1980s. Cheryl left him soon after when she is disgusted by his constant jealousy, however, leaving Quagmire to chase after her for the next 30 years. Cheryl appears at Quagmire's house the next day, with her new boyfriend, Brian, who mocks Quagmire before driving off with Cheryl and making out with her. Infuriated, Quagmire tries to fight with Brian for dating Cheryl, but is stopped by Peter. That night, Brian takes Cheryl to dinner, where Quagmire discovers the two. Quagmire then offers to buy dinner for the two, along with his new girlfriend, Jillian, whom Brian had dated. Jealous, Brian and Quagmire begin fighting and pointing out each other's flaws in front of Cheryl and Jillian, causing them to leave and break up with their dates. Afterwards, Brian and Quagmire decide to make up and become friends, but when Brian asks for a ride home, Quagmire speeds off, and backs up into Brian at full speed.


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